MobiCare™ Patient Monitors

Vasomedical-BIOX™ MobiCare™ Wireless Vital Signs Patient Monitors

MobiCare™ Patient Monitors

MobiCare™ provides the safe monitoring of patients while avoiding the negative effects of unnecessary bed rest.

The MobiCare™ Series Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System consists of a Patient Module that wirelessly transmits real-time vital sign signals to a Bedside Display or a touch screen Tablet computer. Wireless design untethers patients from traditional bedside monitoring. MobiCare™ uses Bluetooth, a classic protocol, in the MobiCare™ system for its maturity and wide availability in almost all Bluetooth ready devices. This will allow us to use many different devices as receiver/display. Low energy Bluetooth is important since our system continuously transmits multiple channels of signals.

Vital Signs Parameters Monitored by MobiCare™:

  • ECG
  • Respiration
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • SpO₂
  • Temperature



  • 15-inch true color TFT touch screen console
  • Dual operation control: Touch screen or console operating buttons
  • Wireless receiver of real-time vital sign signals from patient module
  • Alarm system: Audible and visual
  • Dual power supply: AC power or lithium battery
  • Long term trends of recorded data and ECG playback
  • Automatic printing upon alarm or manual printing


  • 2.8-inch true color TFT screen for display of real-time vital signs and signals
  • Wireless transmission of real-time vital sign signals to bedside monitor
  • Compact and lightweight for patient comfort
  • Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery for 48 hours of continuous use
  • Separate, stand-alone battery charger for user safety
  • Displays real-time vital signs and signals including ECG, HR, SpO₂, NIBP, Respiratory, and Temperature
  • Patient body position detection and fall alarm
  • Pager function for locating the patient module easily


Traditional bedside patient monitoring within hospital

Typical Uses for Basic Application Model:

  • Infectious Disease or Isolation Ward Patients
  • Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation Patients


Telemetry monitoring system — Monitoring anytime, anywhere

Typical Uses for Advanced Application Model

  • On-the-spot mobile monitoring with continuous monitoring over cellular data network (3G/4G) from the emergency site to the emergency room
  • Home monitoring: For example, the medical center can initiate blood pressure test remotely and the family members can view the data.
  • Special training monitoring: pilots, divers, military and zero gravity monitoring
  • VIP ward monitoring, top private hospitals
  • Top nursing homes
  • VIP patient home visits