BIOX Model 2303/2305 - 2304/2306

Vasomedical-BIOX™ 2303/2305 Combined 3-Channel ECG Holter & Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Vasomedical-BIOX™ 2304/2306 Combined 12-Channel ECG Holter & Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

BIOX Model 2303/2305 - 2304/2306

Vasomedical is pleased to announce its new and unique synchronized ECG Holter and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors in a single device! The Model 2303/2305 and Model 2304/2306 Combined Monitors provide advanced high resolution ECG Holter technology with color LCD display accompanied by a simultaneous presentation and analysis of blood pressure waveforms and digital results. Everything you need to obtain and verify the clinical data is now available in one lightweight, easy to use, multiparameter system.


  • Three separate programmable operation modes:
    • Synchronized ECG Holter and ABPM
    • 3 or 12-channel ECG Holter (only)
    • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) only
  • High resolution and sample rate enables high quality ECG signal capture with less artifact
  • Interactive recording for additional blood pressure measurements in the event of ECG abnormalities
  • Arterial pulse waveform and tabulated numerical data can be reviewed in an easy, downloadable format
  • Advanced amplifier and A/D converter design allows for exceptional signal fidelity


  • Color LCD displays measurement results as well as user-friendly icons to simplify task performance and data retrieval
  • Easy 3 key push-button setup and fast download/analysis reduce technician time
  • Bluetooth data communication (2304/2306) enables quick data transfer and turnaround of the device
  • Small and lightweight, resulting in minimum interference with patient activity
  • Dual sensor, dual MCU and dual valve technology ensure patient safety including intelligent overpressure protection and failsafe monitoring
  • Digital dual valve provides smooth deflation and the accuracy expected from the ausculatory method