BIOX Model 1307 / 1308

Vasomedical-BIOX™ 1307 Ultra Compact 3-Channel ECG Holter Recorder
Vasomedical-BIOX™ 1308 Ultra Compact 12-Channel ECG Holter Recorder

BIOX Model 1307 / 1308

The Vasomedical-BIOX™ Ultra Compact 3-Channel and 12-Channel ECG Holter recorders with color LCD display, capture all the important data you require, while allowing your patient the ease and comfort of the smallest ECG Holter recorders on the market today.


  • Advanced miniaturization provides an ultra compact, ultra lightweight ECG Holter design (2.6 x 2.0 x 0.6 inches / 67 x 53 x 15.5 mm and 1.4 oz / 40 g excluding AAA battery)
  • High resolution and sample rate enable high quality ECG signal capture with less artifact
  • Advanced amplifier and A/D converter allows for exceptional signal quality
  • Independent pacemaker detection and VLP measurement


  • Easy-to-read color LCD display enables real-time ECG viewing hookup, eliminating inefficient and costly re-testing
  • Easy two-button configuration and fast data downloading/analysis to reduce technician operation time
  • Removable SD memory card enables quick data transfer and turnaround of the recorder
  • Ultra compact and lightweight for patient comfort
  • Low power consumption - One AAA battery allows recording for 96 hours