BIOX MODEL 1200 / 1201

Mini™ ECG Holter Recorders

Vasomedical-BIOX™ 1200 2-Channel Mini ECG Holter Recorder

Vasomedical-BIOX™ 1201 3-Channel Water Resistant Mini ECG Holter Recorder

BIOX MODELL 1200 / 1201

The Vasomedical-BIOX™ 1200/1201 Mini ECG Holter recorders are incredibly small, lightweight and untethered, have rechargeable batteries, and require no configuration and no external storage medium. The Biox Mini captures all the important data you require, while giving your patient the ease and comfort to wear the device which is the smallest untethered ECG Holter recorders on the market today.


  • Advanced and unique miniaturization provides a super compact, super lightweight ECG Holter design (1.6 x 1.9 x 0.4 inches 40 x 49 x10 mm and .56 oz / 16 g)
  • High resolution and sampling rate enable high quality ECG signal to be captured with less artifact
  • Advanced amplifier and A/D converter design allows for exceptional signal fidelity
  • Independent pacemaker detection and VLP measurement
  • Built-in rechargable lithium-ion battery allowing up to 72-hour recording


  • Untethered, super compact and lightweight Holter is easily concealed for patient comfort and privacy
  • Simply place electrode on sternum and the Mini will automatically start recording
  • Easy push-button setup and fast download/analysis reduces technician time and effort
  • 2GB internal storage and a micro USB port are provided for easy and quick data transfer
  • Super compact, lightweight and easily concealed for patient comfort and privacy